offers you a team of specially trained professionals dedicated to assisting you with every aspect of your treatment journey.

Supporting you every step of the way!

The ORP is here for you!

Call 1-877-979-3200 for immediate live-person support. A team of specialists is available to assist you from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you call outside regular support hours, please leave a message and we will return your call within one business day.

Whether you have questions when beginning ORENCIA® or later on in your treatment, the ORP is here to help.

When you sign up for the ORP, your personal case manager will enroll you in the program and answer any questions regarding your therapy and living with rheumatoid arthritis.

Throughout your treatment, your case manager is your go-to person for information and support.

Note: Your case manager cannot provide medical advice. Your doctor is the best source of information about your health.

Confused about insurance or reimbursement? The ORP can help you figure it out.

Our team of reimbursement specialists will:

  • Contact your health insurance company to verify your benefits and determine whether ORENCIA is covered by your plan.
  • Search for options that may provide access to ORENCIA for you if your insurance doesn’t fully cover the acquisition cost or if you don’t have insurance. This could include co-pay assistance, provincial drug program referrals or other independent patient assistance programs.

For more information, call 1-877-979-3200 to talk to an ORENCIA reimbursement specialist.

The ORP can help with travelling.

  • When travelling, it is important to follow your ORENCIA® IV treatment plan.
  • When travelling with ORENCIA SC, it is essential to keep your medicine cool. If you intend to travel, please call the ORP to request that a travel cold case be sent to you.

The ORP helps keep things running smoothly and on schedule.

Let your case manager know if you would like him or her to manage your prescription and insurance renewals.

The ORP can help ensure that your renewals are completed on time so there is no interruption in your treatment schedule.

Providing assistance, when you need it.

If you’re taking ORENCIA IV:
The ORP will facilitate and coordinate the booking of your IV infusions with you.

If you’re taking ORENCIA SC:
The ORP will arrange your first injection training with a qualified nurse, to ensure you can self-administer your injection safely on a weekly basis.