Patient Chronicles

Marie-Claire Perrins and Heather Davies are current ORP members. Please note all images are for illustration purposes and do not reflect the persons named.

Marie-Claire Perrins has been a member of the ORP since 2008 and is grateful for the relationship she has developed with her ORP case manager, Josephine Sebigo. In a note she wrote to us, Marie-Claire said: “I’m very grateful for the service and support I get from everyone at the ORP – especially Josephine, who has always been there for me when I needed her.”

Marie-Claire also had praise for her nurse. She told us: “I’ve always received my medication on time and had it administered by Pascale, who I found to be very competent.”

The ORP can also be a great asset when you travel, as Marie-Claire discovered: “Thanks to the arrangements you made, I received my infusions at the clinic in North Merchant when I was in Florida. It was very convenient and a big help.”

Managing your rheumatoid arthritis can be challenging at times. So it’s good to know you have a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you in so many ways.

Heather Davies, Deputy Mayor of Chestermere, Alberta, has been a member of the ORENCIA Response Program® (ORP) since 2012. Heather especially appreciates the professional help she can get, just by picking up the phone.“I love the fact that I can just call my Personal Case Manager if I have a question or need some information about something. She’s more than helpful.”

Heather also makes use of the ORP’s live telephone support, which allows her to speak directly with her Nurse Client Liaison, Marlene Day. “The nurses at the infusion clinic are awesome, too!” she added.

Travelling can be especially challenging when you have RA. That’s why the ORP is there for you – and was for Heather, as she explains: “Being a part-time snowbird, I was especially thrilled that my infusions were arranged for me at an arthritis clinic down in Scottsdale, Arizona. It made things so much easier and less stressful.”

The ORP is here for you in so many ways, from live telephone support to drug reimbursement assistance, prescription renewals and more. It’s always comforting to know you have a team of experts ready to help you when you need assistance. As Heather puts it, “The ORENCIA® support team are just awesome!”